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You come to a secret place deep in the wilderness every few days to think about certain things. When you entered the hole, the entrance caved in. Find your way up by climbing the rocks and getting back home!

this is a very short game about 2-10 minutes long. It's a parkour game with simple jumping. Some jumps may be hard for some people and there are no checkpoints, so you might rage a little.


This is my first game so please don't scream at me...

I was twelve when i created this game. Took a few weeks to make.

Yeah there's no audio or sound at all lol

You might be able to climb over the "mountains" and get out of the map.

I took some inspiration from some other parkour game and i really like the low poly art style.

This game was made in Unity Personal Edition, all the models were made by me in Blender.

I might not work on this game and fix bugs and glitches. I will be working on another game or on schoolwork.


WASD to walk

LEFT SHIFT to sprint

Mouse to look around

SPACE to jump

ESC to pause

Please visit my website:


Install instructions

Download the file

Extract the file using WinRAR (or anything else)

Go into the file and click on the .exe

Preferred Game Quality, Good

Have Fun!


Stuck Here Thinking.rar 9 MB

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